Mobile Security Patrols

Patrolsec provide visible and effective SIA licensed Mobile patrols to commercial properties, a cost-effective alternative to stating guarding.

Lock and Unlock Service

We will open and close your premises on your behalf alleviating stress and responsibility from our clients.

Manned Guarding

Patrolsec supply comprehensive manned guarding solutions, the most effective methods of protecting your premises.

Why Patrolsec

Real Time Reporting

With Patrolsec, you can rest easy knowing that our expert security officers will not only identify any suspicious activity on your premises, but also promptly create a detailed report that is quickly relayed to our 24-hour manned control room and, ultimately, to you.

External & Internal Checks

With Patrolsec’s mobile patrols, our highly trained security officers conduct comprehensive external and internal checks of your premises to detect any signs of suspicious activity or forced entry.

24/7 Control Room

Count on Patrolsec’s 24/7 control room and expert officers for prompt and effective action. Our network of operational teams can be deployed at a moment’s notice to quickly address any issues and keep your assets and personnel safe.

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Let us amaze you with our services with a complimentary patrol whilst you are away.

A network of security

Make stressing about property damage and theft a thing of the past. Our innovative Mobile Patrols provide a comprehensive security solution that covers a wider area, ensuring that potential security breaches are identified and addressed before they become a problem. With our experienced and vigilant security officers on the job, you can relax knowing that your property is in safe hands.

Hi-Vis Vehicles

Our well known Patrolsec vehicles deter potential vandals and thieves.

Security reporting

Watch live reports as our highly trained officers patrol and protect your property.

Lower costs than static security

Our efficient network of Mobile Patrols allows us reduce your overhead costs.

Rapid & effective security solutions

Trust us to sort any emergency requests instantly.

Unmatched speed and technology tailored expertly to you

Experience peace of mind with the exceptional security services provided by Patrolsec. Our highly trained staff offers real-time updates to ensure that you are always informed and up-to-date on any security issues that may arise. With a guaranteed response time of just 36 hours, you can rest assured that any security issues will be resolved quickly and efficiently. Eliminate worries and stresses without reliable and professional security solutions. Trust Patrolsec for all your security needs.