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Mobile Patrols

Securing Your Premises with Precision: Our Mobile Patrols Deliver Proactive Security Solutions for Enhanced Safety and Peace of Mind. An innovative and cost-effective approach to security. Want to see us in action? Your first patrol is free.
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Certified Security professionals
Our mobile patrol guards, licensed by the Security Industry Authority (SIA), are
uniformed and conduct meticulous patrols, focusing on vulnerable points. Their visible presence serves as a powerful deterrent, and they promptly report incidents in real time, enabling immediate and effective action.
Exceptional Operational Efficiency
Patrolsec employs marked vehicles for superior coverage, securing expansive areas with greater flexibility compared to traditional static guards. This adaptability enables us to customize our services according to your precise security requirements, ensuring the comprehensive protection of your premises.
Streamlined Management Solutions
Simplify portfolio management effortlessly with our online platform. Access patrol bookings, visit records, reports, and job data all in one centralized location, eliminating the need for extensive phone calls and emails.
Unparalleled Flexibility
GuardTrack offers unmatched flexibility, allowing seamless adjustments to security patrols based on your evolving needs, ensuring that security is always optimized.
Enhanced Analytics
Elevate your risk management strategies with GuardTrack, empowering you to
analyse patrol data and pinpoint potential issues across your sites.
Enhanced Proof of Presence
Gain access to NFC-enabled real-time reports featuring on-site photo evidence
through our GuardTrack Platform. Experience comprehensive monitoring with easy retrieval for added peace of mind.

Secure your business from £15 a Patrol.

Mobile Patrol

Get Your First Mobile Patrol FREE!

Experience the excellence of our services with a complimentary patrol in your absence.
Cost effective

A flexible and cost-effective alternative to static guarding.

Explore cutting-edge security solutions with our mobile patrols, providing a cost-effective alternative to traditional static guarding. 

Our extensively trained patrol officers deliver exceptional protection, covering broader areas and responding swiftly to high-risk zones, ensuring your safety and peace of mind.
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Plans and Pricing

Discover flexibility with our diverse packages. Select the package that aligns perfectly with your needs for personalized security solutions. Our meticulously crafted plans offer a range of options to cater to your specific requirements, guaranteeing the ideal level of protection for your peace of mind.

Elite Responder

Per day/night
Experience our high-end security with an on-demand patrol visit.
1 On-demand Patrol Visit
Live Reporting
24/7 Support
Sinage Boards
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Flexible Vigilance

Per day/night
Proactive security measures with three regularly scheduled patrol visits.
3 Patrol visits
Live Reporting
24/7 Support
Sinage Boards
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Preferred Choice

Premier Sentinel

Per day/night
Experience high-end security with on-demand patrol
4 Patrol visits
Live Reporting
24/7 Support
Sinage Boards
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Trusted by many for its comprehensive coverage and unbeatable value, the Premier Sentinel package is our most popular choice for those seeking top-tier security solutions
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personalized quotes

Our service prices are designed with your convenience and transparency in mind, offering competitive solutions tailored to your security needs. The listed prices apply to locations within a 10-mile radius of Manchester city centre. For areas beyond, we provide customized quotes, accounting for factors like the number of sites, distance, and proximity to our operational base. We also consider the duration of the service contract, ensuring flexibility and affordability. Contact us for personalized quotes that precisely match your requirements and locations.
How it works

Mobile Security Patrols Service

Initial On-Site Meeting:

Our team conducts a comprehensive walkthrough of the premises, meeting with the client's representative to understand specific needs.

Expert Security Survey

Seasoned security professionals conduct a detailed site security survey, mapping checkpoints, identifying vulnerabilities, and performing a comprehensive risk assessment.

Visible Deterrence

Strategically placed warning signage boards signal to the public that the site is actively monitored and guarded.

Advanced Technology Integration

Security tags are installed at designated locations. Our mobile officers use devices to scan these tags during security checks, sending real-time data to our back-office system for confirmation and immediate incident reporting.

GPS Tracking

The system tracks patrol officers' movements through GPS technology, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Commitment to Quality

Dedicated to providing services with utmost integrity and quality, clients have direct access to our reporting portal for real-time updates and our account managers maintain regular communication to ensure client satisfaction.
Elevating Security Across Greater Manchester: Patrolsec's Leading Mobile Security Patrols Safeguard Your Properties
Securing Greater Manchester: Patrolsec, a Premier Security Company, Delivers Vital Services, Primarily Specializing in Mobile Security Patrols. We Extend Our Services to Manchester City, Stockport, Oldham, Bolton, Bury, Tameside, Wilmslow, Macclesfield, and Beyond. Discover Tailored Security Solutions Crafted to Meet Your Business's Unique Needs.
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